Beauty Advice

For 10 years Beauty Boutique Lichfield has aimed to provide the greatest experience for every customer. We believe that simple after treatment and advice ensures our customers will feel there absolute best for longer! Get the most out of your treatments by reading our tips below.

Pre Treatment:polished

We are happy to recommend which Nail product is right for you at your appointment. You may want to research colours or styles before. You can check out the Beauty Boutique Pinterest board for inspiration (Beauty Boutique Pinterest site) Kelly- Anne Murray

If you can remove any shop bought nail varnish before your appointment. If you don’t have time, no worries we are happy to do this for you. Eve Griffiths

After Treatment:

Oil based products including sun creams and some house cleaning products can cause Gel to lift so always wear gloves to protect your nails. Kelly- Anne Murray

Do not attempt to remove Gel yourself by biting or picking off your nails – this will damage your nail underneath! Eve Griffiths